Simply South African Lifestyle

Lifestyle is a way in which people live and relate in the society with their families, friends, relatives and foreigners as they proceed with their daily duties. Communities in various parts of the world have different ways of expressing their lifestyle. Besides, there are other societies which tend to share a common lifestyle even though they may be from different countries. Such communities, may have similar ways of entertaining themselves, eating, behaving and can also share rules that are similar in matters concerning marriage.

Our lifestyles therefore, vary in the southern Africa depending on individual’s cultural values, social class, and family. The following are a few examples of lifestyle in the society:


Ever since, the family has been held at the center in the African continent and other various parts of the world. It is in human nature for individuals to love their family and put them first when it comes to marriage and family issues.  Men and women in southern Africa today work hand in hand to provide for their family and cope in this changing global economy.  Besides, unlike in the traditional periods, today the number of single women is increasing rapidly and all the single parents especially below the age of 24 years are not forced into marriage but rather are allowed to stick with their families. The statics indicate that out of four children, one of them is born out of wedlock while the number of single parents keeps increasing each year.

Also, there is a large number of working women who strive to meet their basic needs and live a better life. Men on the other side, are also keeping up in this race. For instance, in cases whereby both couples are working, men volunteer to help in sharing household duties and raising children. Despite of mere challenges in certain areas, you can conclude that men and women are willing to work in unity in order to keep their marriage intact and raise their children together.



Our habits and styles of eating vary in the communities across the world depending on individuals backgrounds. For example, In Africa, people eat using spoons mostly and also forks and knives although not as much as Americans do. However, a large percentage of Africans eat using fingers. Some foods like pizza, chips, tacos and fried chicken are mostly eaten with fingers. During the time for dinner, Africans especially from extended families come together to eat their dinner.




Normally, many people like meeting their fellows from other areas and parts of the world. During the meeting moments, individuals usually feel happy. In Africa for example, when people meet, they smile and greet each other happily by shaking hands while talking especially when they are friends who have missed each other. Some people may hug each other on meeting but this mostly happens with family members or friends. The mood in which people relate to each other therefore, depends on how much time they have been close or how friendly a person may seem in the first meeting.


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