Holidays in the Southern Part of Africa

Holidays are a lifestyle! Visit SA


The African continent has massive landscapes and admirable game life, has the best sceneries that any photographer will arguably love to visit.

The southern part of Africa has maintained its natural habitats for centuries and its part of Africa that you might have the best experience because of its inspiring destinations.

In this post, we are covering South African parts that can offer you the best experience during your holidays.

Holidays spent in southern Africa are meant to display the greatest excitement and diverse destinations that help compliment different itineraries.

Victoria Falls, Botswana, and South Africa form the biggest part of this region. This region offers the best wildlife parks in the entire of Africa such as:

  • Okavango Delta in Botswana
  • Kruger national park in South Africa
  • Victoria Falls

Majority of southern Africa’s destinations are easily accessible and can make the best places to visit during your holidays. You can choose to have a guided or independent tour, go with mobile camping or classic safaris, whether to go for city escapes or walking adventures.

About Southern Africa

This is a vast area made of Victoria Falls, South Africa, and Botswana. It is rich in natural wonders, cultural experiences and wildlife encounters.



These great features make the point of concern for everybody wanting to visit the southern portion of Africa.

This region is well-linked by the use of efficient flights, multi-Centre holidays are most famous though it requires you to make a detailed exploration.

Kruger national park




South Africa

Have the greatest diversity of vocational features. Pay a visit to Kruger national park and its private reserves for an amazing holiday experience. It is rich in leopard sightings.


The iconic Table Mountain in Cape Town and its expansive landmarks will give you an enticing cosmopolitan experience, and above all the Winelands is something you can’t afford to miss out on them.



In Botswana you can move by the use of planes, roaming from the lodge to lodge enjoying the amazing aerial sceneries as you move. The popular highlights include:

  • Chobe national park
  • Okavango Delta

Chobe National Park is the only park with the largest population of elephants in the universe.



Botswana national park


Get Africa’s wild dog in the Linyati wetlands and stretch to the noisy Mokoro Canoe.


You can’t visit the southern Africa sceneries and miss visiting the world’s site with the highest number of taken photographs –the Victoria Falls. This adored scenery is found along the Zimbabwean and Zambian border.

Irrespective of the place you will visit in the southern part of Africa during your holidays, you are assured to see very spectacular landscaped and wonderful game viewings.


Why Should You Choose Southern Africa For Your Holidays?

The region has all that it takes for a good picnic experience. Being rich in diverse itinerary explorations, you and your entire family will be overjoyed to have spent time in the South African region for a vacation.

You can decide by yourself whether to do it as an add-on to your holiday South African part or take it as a stand-alone trip; you will be helped with everything great during your visits because they have the best customer care services.


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