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Ditiro Mashigo Fashion Designer

written by @mel_idesign


Serati Ltd is a contemporary South African Brand. It started in February 2014. Being Pedi women herself she was drawn to the culture and how the women carried themselves and how they wore their traditional clothes so that’s what inspired her as a designer. The first collection was inspired by the traditional attire of the Pedi women and the second collection was merely inspired by the art.

Serati Ltd focuses more on designing skirts, they make beautiful skirts that are easy to wear any day anywhere and they strongly believe that their clothes should make women feel Powerful. Being a fashion Designer to her means constantly taking your surroundings and keeping an update on what it is people want. Their biggest challenge as a brand has been contacting markets and getting their clothes to retail stores so it can be easy for people to get hold of them “it can be very expensive” she said. But even with those challenges, they don’t overlook what they have accomplished thus far, the great support they get from people who buy their products has been amazing.

In coming years they would like to see the brand being manufactured locally, distributed in the continent and is a recognizable brand internationally. Being a young designer chasing a dream “I want the youth to know that there is nothing wrong with little hard work, your passion will bear fruit one day”.

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